Here are some videos showing the work I did on the game SpyParty.

SpyParty is a tense competitive spy game set at a high society party. It’s about subtle behavior, perception, and deception. One player is the Spy, trying to accomplish missions while blending into the crowd. The other player is the Sniper, who has one bullet with which to find and terminate the Spy! A true indie game, SpyParty was created in a garage by only three people.

As the sole character artist on SpyParty I was responsible for all of the character design, modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, and animation. I was also responsible for most of design and creation of the environments.

The first group of in-game character models I designed, modeled, textured, and animated for SpyParty.

Here's a shot of all of my in-game models posed together. We tried to make our group of characters as diverse as possible.

This video is a trailer I made for the launch of SpyParty using all in-game footage.

Here is a collection of in-game talking animations. Since the game is composed up of a group of people interacting at a cocktail party, one of my biggest challenges was to create a suite of interesting and expressive conversation animations to bring the guests to life.

Here is a video that takes you through all of the different environments I designed, modeled, lit, and textured for SpyParty.

A model rotation of the Duke.

A collection of "headshots" from Spyparty.

A collection of in-game animation from SpyParty.